Members of the SA Innovation Network are passionate about fostering successful partnerships with industry and seeing university innovations and expertise make profound commercial, environmental and social impacts. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, from a range of different industries, and they have access to a network of more than 3000 research experts across 3 world-class universities.


South Australia’s agriculture, food, wine and forestry industries are a vital part of the state’s economy, our largest export sector and a major employer. In 2014–15, they generated about $21 billion in revenue, accounted for 52% of the state’s merchandise exports, and employed up to 150,000 people or one in five working South Australians.


Biotechnological innovation is critical to our future. It is anticipated that it will underpin our economy and provide solutions to human and animal diseases, climate change, fuel alternatives, food security – as well as improving our quality of life.

Defence & Security

Travel demand, new technologies, and security threats are fueling increases in defence budgets and the global supply chain. For over 20 years, South Australian industry and their research partners have won and delivered on the nation’s most complex and dynamic defence projects.

Energy & Environment

South Australia is rich in energy resources. It contains significant reserves of fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil–although there are incentives to phase these out in favour of clean energy. The state also contains large amounts of uranium, including the world’s single biggest deposit at Olympic Dam which represents 30% of the world’s total resource. More recently, the State has seen a rapid increase in investment in renewable energy, and is now the leading producer of wind power in Australia. South Australia has been noted for the availability of hot rocks suitable for geothermal electricity generation.

Food & Wine

With more than 200 cellar doors, as well as bustling markets and vibrant restaurants, South Australia is Australia’s food and wine capital. The South Australian food and wine industry is worth over $14 billion and accounts for 36% of South Australia’s total merchandise exports.


South Australia is well placed to address global health issues with innovative solutions. The state has a strong history over all areas of health and medical research, ranging across academia, drug discovery and top quality services with state of the art facilities.


South Australia’s manufacturing industry draws on research, design and innovation to successfully compete internationally and drive growth in the South Australian economy. Manufacturing is diverse, competitive and resilient, with the ability to design, develop and make goods in demand locally and around the world.


Science, research, education and innovation go to the heart of South Australia’s capacity to develop a strong economy that brings lasting benefits to our community.


South Australia is renowned for producing a wide range of information communication and creative technologies and media. The State is home to creative companies with international reputations in special effects, game development, high-end television production and commercials, simulation, animation, mobile-phone products and digital sound.