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Speed Date Your Future

Guiness World Record

We aim to break the record for:
Most people attending a business speed-networking event – single venue
The most people attending a business speed networking event is currently 1,068, achieved by JCI Limburg (Belgium), in Flanders, Belgium, on 17 November 2014. Read more here

An exciting collaboration between Flinders University and the New Venture Institute, Speed Date your Future is a remarkable attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for a ‘speed date’ style networking event.

Speed Date Your Future is poised to be a characteristically innovative and fast-paced social event, that will leverage Flinders University’s widespread alumni and industry networks to connect CEOs and executives with startups, young entrepreneurs, potential investors and Flinders’ emerging workforce from a versatile array of fields and specialties.

Audience: More than 1,100 alumni, research and industry leaders, Flinders’ business partners, local business, Government (local, state and federal), staff and students. This event is strictly 18+ only.

Under the rules for the record, each networking participant was required to speak with 20 other attendees, with each ‘network’ needing to last for a minimum of three minutes.

Event elements include:

  • A unique networking extravaganza
  • Music and a variety interactive entertainment
  • An array of food and beverage options
  • Official opening presentation
  • Keynote speaker(s)
  • Strong media presence

The format for the speed networking (think speed dating) is that participants will be divided into two groups facing each other. Each networking round is 3 minutes, which gives each person 1 1/2 min to introduce themselves and their business to the person they are facing, and sign off on their personal logbook that will be sent to Guinness (provided at event). One line stays stationary and the other line will take a step to the right. Each person must network with 20 different people.

If you want to be a Guinness World Record holder and join us for some fun, apply now and we will send you an update as we get closer.

Visit the New Venture Institute website for more details and to register.