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KCA Commercialisation Awards


Have you closed an amazing deal in the last 12 months? Has your organisation pulled off an exciting industry engagement strategy in the last 18 months? Or Is your office doing great things in supporting entrepreneurial activity within your research organisation?

If you’re doing great things then the sector wants to hear about it! Share your achievement with the rest of the member base and go in the draw to win complimentary passes to the Annual Conference, press coverage and more.

The KCA Research Commercialisation Awards acknowledge the great work of KCA member TT/KE practitioners in facilitating public sector research outcomes being put to use in the wider community. They are the only of their kind in the region, and KCA is pleased to be running these awards for our members for the third year running, and celebrate their achievements and contributions to the sector.

The KCA Research Commercialisation Awards are open to all KCA members and their respective research and industry partners. The idea behind the awards is to showcase and recognise the powerful relationships and partnerships transforming our country’s cutting edge research into products and services; the majority of which improve and benefit the lives of everyone in our community, return economic value, and/or increase our nation’s competitiveness globally.

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